About US

Our company which was founded in 1996 as SAFA CEPHE SİSTEMLERİ  in Istanbul and grew with the power of customer satisfaction it created every day, offers unique designs for your spaces with its reliable, young and dynamic team, and brings another dimension to curtain wall, steel construction and roofing systems. 
Since 2010 our company is serving in the developing countries and continues production in its 3000 square meters indoor space which the company has established in Libya Tripoli.
The basic principle of our company is to experience the justified proud to make SAFA CEPHE SISTEMLERI to a solution partner of significant projects abroad aiming to have a say in the world market with the experience, we gained from our past 18 years, without compromising on quality. 

Our Mission: To work efficient and a high working responsibility with respect to nature and the society, to produce added value useful for the ecosystem. 

Our Vision : SAFA CEPHE SİSTEMLERİ in terms of Aluminum catches 100% customer satisfaction with technical personnel experienced in the sector and using advanced technology and quality products. 
The company will continue to follow international standards, modern architectural buildings, different architectural projects within the frame of global trends and to develop its knowledge and experience in the international platform together with the SAFA CEPHE SISTEMLERI staff within a quality understanding. 

Our Web Site has been updated. With our website you can get detailed information about facade systems, and you can contact us for further information.